Friday, April 26, 2013

A Lesson in Awesome Eyes

I bet you didn't know you are reading the blog of a MAC makeup Associates Degree holder!

Yeah, that's right. I've spent two whole Saturdays under the tutelage of a MAC make up professional. More recently, the makeup professional teaching the class was one who spends her carrier doing runway show make up. (Two classes equal two years in college-sooooo yeah. I've got a degree ;)

Lucky for you, I'm going to share some of the infinite wisdom I learned and allow you to now sit under my tutelage. Take notes...

Seriously though (words I hardly utter) I did learn a lot of great tips from those classes. One of which is how to do a proper water line-lining (good thing there wasn't a test, because I'm sure that's not the proper terminology).
First of all your water line is the area right inside your eye on which your lower lashes rest. Lining this area adds such a sultry/smokey/sexy look that takes your look from sweet to yowza! in seconds.

The mistake a lot of people make when lining your water line, is to line it with liquid eyeliner. But the problem with that is you're putting wet on wet, and that doesn't work. Eventually the black will slip right off (if not before you're even done lining the next eye).

The trick to it is to take a very very clean brush (Sephora makes a brush cleaner for $6. Buy it. It's got to be very very clean, because we're talking about YOUR EYES. And we're sticking this brush in YOUR EYES.

water lined eyes
Left: Regular/Right: Rock Star!
After you've thoroughly cleaned your brush, stick it in black eye shadow (that you've also swipped clean with a cotton ball) and just line the inside starting from the corner of your eye and going all the way out. I refuse to post a picture of this because close up eye ball pictures gross me out, so I have a comparison picture.

Please remember to clean your brush, and do not use sparkly black shadow as you don't want one of those sparkles to mess up YOUR EYES.

Try it though, and walk like you're a rock star cause you'll sure look like one!
Ps: This look actually translates really well the next day. Giving you that "I'm a super model at night and now I have the rumpled-cool-without-trying" look going on.

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