Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eye Know!

Am I the only one that peruses the "best of" beauty lists, just to see how right you are about what's in your makeup bag?

I do it unashamedly. And when I find things I love on those lists, I give myself ten billion points. After looking at InStyle's most recent list of best beauty buys, I've racked up 20 billion points.

Both my Loral Volumizing Mascara and Maybelline's Color Tattoo (in the exact shade I love, "Bad to the Bronze") are apparently best sellers.

With good reason too. The mascara is by far the best I've ever purchased from a drug store. It's volumizing, yet easy to remove. It adds the perfect amount of oomph (that's the technical term) without sticking around long after the party's over.

I really don't like a mascara that doesn't easily remove but this isn't like that at all. AND (big bonus in 3...2...1...) it's only $7! Can't. Beat. That.

Of course the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow is great because it goes on easily like a cream shadow but stays fresh like a powder. What makes this color so great is how neutral it is. So it works on low makeup days, but also by layering it over your other shadows it gives them a cool metallic shimmer.

Two eye products I've been loving for months, now reaffirmed in their greatness.

Thank you, InStyle, for backing me up. I tell you again, folks, you heard it all here first!

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