Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thanks a lot, EVE

I blame Eve for the fact that sparkly nail polish is a pain in the butt to remove.

I do, and if they had nail polish back in the Garden of Eden that would have been in the listing.
"Because you disobeyed you'll have to work for your food from the earth, bear children in pain, and take about fifteen minutes per nail removing sparkly polish."

No doubt.

Remember last weeks New Years Eve nails? That polish, while cute as a button, took about a week and a half to get off. Ok, I'm exaggerating but still, it took a while and I hope that's not the experience that sticks out in my head the next time I go to use it.

Needless to say after weeks of doing sparkly polishes for the holidays and another set of weeks getting all of that sparkle off-I went super simple this time around. This is probably one of my favorite colors in the bunch (I know this because I almost accidentally re-bought it like four times).

It's "You Don't Know Jaque". I have to say that OPI's French collection was probably one of their best. A lot of those colors have become classics so they really hit that one out of the park.

But enough about the color, let's talk about your nail care goals this year.
You may be one of those people whose nails live vicariously through mine in that you never paint yours but you tune in every Thursday to read the witty nail banter I bring (oh thank you by the way, that's really sweet ;)

No judgement here if you don't always have a color on them, that's totally up to you. One thing I will throw in your goal basket though, is to start maybe at least giving yourself a manicure without the color once a week.
By that I mean, set one night aside every week (and stick to it as if it were a standing appointment with another human being) and simply file your nails and clean up your cuticles. At the end of that, paint a clear coat and be on your way.

It will take 15 minutes tops. If you watch the same show every week on a certain night, do it while you're watching that show. Just get yourself in the habit of simply once a week cleaning up your nails. I've found that it takes about 6 days for entropy to unpack and your nails to be a mess again. But by keeping a standing appointment with yourself you'll feel so good starting off whatever day with a cleaned and shiny set of finger nails.

Start there, add color if you want or don't. But start there. If you'll at least do that, you'll be less likely to pick or bite or fuss with your nails for a couple days, and you'll love having pretty nails-I guarantee it (just like Men's Warehouse!)

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  1. Oh how thankful I am to read this article today !

    Last night it took 5 minutes PER nail to remove the polish I had on......

    Thursday will be nail cleanup day for me !