Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clothing Care

Did you know, that US Cleaners will switch out the buttons on a coat for free?!
Neither did I!

I took my very favorite winter coat in to get dry cleaned last month, and asked about switching out my buttons. It's been something I've thought about doing for at least a year, because I love my coat but I think it would look ten times better with different buttons.

Now that I know all I have to pay for are the buttons I'm going to be on it! It will be like having a whole new coat!

You know what else I'm going to do?
I'm going to clean out my closet. I have too many shirts that are hanging on for dear life smooshed in between too other shirts and not on a hanger. That's not good for the shirt or me since I can't even see it!

My point in all this, is make a goal to take better care of your clothes (and your bras shout, "Preach it!")

When you spend money on something you really should take care of it so that you get out of it what you paid for. And by not washing something for a long time or seeing it all crumpled on your closet floor but not fixing it-that's not helping anyone!

Even when you're shopping, stop and pick up clothes that someone else has knocked on to the floor. I try to make a habit of this (now if there are piles of clothes on the floor, I don't touch it because I'm not clocked in ;).

Once I picked up a shirt I saw on the floor, ended up loving it, AND only paying $3! I never would have seen it had I not stopped to pick it up! Another time an employee thanked me for picking something up.

I think of it this way...if I'm shopping there it must mean I like the store, and if I like it then I want other people to like it so they'll make a lot of money and stick around. So anything I can do to help people continue to like it-I'll do it!

One of my goals this year is to take better care of my clothes-will you join me? (Not in taking care of MY clothes, although if you want to practice that picking up thing, you're welcome to come over :)

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