Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ain't No Party Like a Glitterfetti Party...

Cause a Glitterfetti party don't. stop.
(my research shows, that's actually fun to say outloud :)

Oh I've got for you the perfect party/celebration/sparkle nails this week.

And what's so great about these nails is that this sparkly little number can go beyond the holidays and help you celebrate any old thing (Hey! There's weather outside, let's celebrate!)

These sparkles from the OPI James Bond collection are so. much. fun. It's called "The Living Daylights" and it's really less like sparkles and more like smaller and more manipulatable confetti. Which translates to party on your nails!

One of the many things I love about this polish is it consists of several different colors, so you can pair it with many different solid colors underneath. Or you can do this on just one accent nail and paint whatever you want on the others.

The way I got this look was by paying attention to how many of the glitter chunks were on the brush when I pulled it out. If there were a few, then I'd swipe the thing from the top of my nail down, but if I pulled it out and I had a lot of glitter/confetti on the end of the brush then I'd pile it on the end of my nail.

At times I would even use my finger to get the sparkles where I want them on my nail. Which is what's so great about a look like this is it's hard to mess up. If you do, just paint on more glitter/confetti! (Let's shorten that to glitterfetti!!)

Another thing I'm going to try with this is doing the same look (fading into glitter) but reversing it, so the glitterfetti starts at the top and fades away. There are just so many options with this stuff!!!

I'm truly loving this look, in fact today is normally the day I change over to a different color but I think I'm going to let this look ride for a little bit longer :)

Party nails all night long!!!

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