Friday, November 9, 2012

Penny for Your Closet?

The Sunday paper serves as my weekly way of filling up the "wish list". Which is perfect for this time of year.

Every week, THE ad to look for, I'm talking the golden nugget of them all is of course Target. Sometimes I dive right into it, and some weeks I save it like dessert.

But you know what is rising through the ranks and becoming just as exciting to crack open? The JC Penny ad.

Believe you me, people, I never thought I'd be saying this because honestly before about two months ago I cannot tell you when my last clothing purchase was made there. My sister can, and let's just say it's something to save for the inevitable 90's party.

Because of the ad, in the last two months I've spent some good hard earned clothes money in there and I haven't looked back. Well, actually I have but only for more great deals :)

And I got this hot little number from there for my birthday-it's exactly the kind of jacket I've been scouring the web for, for weeks!

Whoever has taken over their image and purchasing has won the heart of one very picky purchaser, my friends. So you know, someone's doing something right.

This weekend, if you get a chance pop on in. You'll be pleasantly surpised by their fresh colors, their quality brands, and their amazing selection. Not to mention their good prices.

(Also, if you find something for a lower price somewhere else, they'll price match.)

Don't write them off as...whatever you've written them off as. Check it out, I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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