Thursday, November 8, 2012

From the Taupe of My Head...

It's been one battle after another with my bangs here lately. I usually have them under control, but for whatever reason they've rallied and started a rebellion on my forehead.

The battle ended the other day, though, right after I scheduled a hair cut.
All of a sudden the rebellion was over and everyone was laying perfectly again. Why, WHHHYYYYY is that?!

I don't have an answer, all I have is solid proof that whatever it is about having a hair cut on the horizon your hair gets the message and decides to shape up before getting chopped up.

I guess I should be thankful for it, because there were lots of thoughts of shaving the front portion of my head. Soo...praise God for that not happening.

(Segue ahead...)

Something that helped in this whole battle was having calm nails. Usually what happens with me is if I have busy/intricate nails one week I swing the opposite for the next. And after my gorgeous purple shimmer nails from my birthday week, I felt it was time to bring the calm on my digits.

Which I did with LCN's "Attractive Nude." I don't consider this shade nude at all, I consider it taupe. So let's re-think that name, LCN, and call it, "Taupe of the Morning to You" or "To Taupe it All Off".

Or "Over the Taupe", or wait I'm on a roll here, "Taupe Hat".

Whatever you choose to call it, I call it calming and chic. This will probably end up being my go to winter shade after glitter or nail art explosions occur on my nails.

It's probably even a good idea to pick a shade you consider calming and apply it before a week that could potentially be anything but. Studies show that having a quiet, pretty shade on your nails helps in stress relief. That's a total lie, but you could see where it would help after I threw in "studies" right?

I'm just glad the color was there for me in the height of my hair revolt, settling me "From the Taupe Down." Ah-ha!

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