Monday, November 12, 2012

Ring Ring

Your boobs called, they want you to read The Spiff all week.

Because it's all about bras all week long: how to wear them, care for them, feed them-just kidding.
But seriously, if I had to guess I'd say you're taking better care of your 5th grade My Little Pony collection then you are your bras, which hold your boobs, which will be with you for life.

Besides all that, the bra is the beginning of a great outfit. Why? Because what does a building start with?
A foundation. That's right and if the foundation is bad then so is the structure that sits on it.

So if you've been wondering why you don't like the way your shirts and blouses fit? Could be your bra, Bro!

Or if you've been wondering why your $40 bra still doesn't do the trick, or never lasts as long as you think it should, could be the way you care for it like a fifty cent nail file.

And one more reason you should read all you treat your boobs now will show up down the road. If you don't want your boobs dragging down that road, then treat them well now.

That even goes for those of you who think you can go bra-less just because you're small. Gravity is no respecter of persons, people. Bra up no matter your cup!

Ok, Gals, I don't think I could give you any more good reasons why you should keep tuning in. So gird your loins and crack open the unmentionables drawer, we're going to get you lookin' spiffy!

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