Monday, October 22, 2012

Smokey Eyes-On Purpose

Want to smoke up your eyes? Wait, that sounds bad.

How about, want to achieve the perfect smokey eye!?
Much better.

I've got the answer. It's all in the brush.
Really the better your eye make up brushes, the better your eye make up will be.

This brush (pictured) is my go-to smokey eye brush. The one on the left is from MAC and is $31; the one below it is from Sephora and is $24-which both sound expensive but the better the brush the longer it will last you. In fact, I wouldn't recommend going any cheaper on brushes because the higher quailty brush you buy the longer it will last you and it will deliver color to your face better making your eyeshadows last longer as well. A cheaper brush is going to leave little hairs all over your face after a while and no one needs more hairs on their face-no?!

What I do is I first put a color all over the base of my eye lid, then I take this brush and use whatever darker color I'm going to smoke it up with (that sounds terrible! ha!) and I blend it in the crease of my eye lid.

This brush perfectly blends the color in the exact spot I want it, and also blends the darker color with the other one I've put on my lid together beautifully.

You want to acheive the perfect smokey eye? Or how about, you want to try a smokey eye period? Buy this brush. Or one like it.
What you're looking for is a brush that comes to a point. When it tapers up like that it gets right in the crease of your eye and is what helps everything to blend so smoothly.

It will do wonders!

You'll look as if you have smoke all over your that's just wrong. It will look as if you've walked into a room filled with smoke and had to blink heavily...haha ok I'm done.

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