Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Insta-Brush Container Thingy!

Right this minute, I should be going through my nail polishes and jewlery.

I've been needing to for weeks and weeks because they've both become a jumbled mess, and I know that the minute I decide to go through both that I'm going to enjoy it and especially be pleased with the results.

The crazy thing about it too, is it will probably only take me about ten minutes!
Why I allow projects like those to build up and up until there's no living with it, I don't know.

Never the less, I'm determined to instill order every where else while there's still time (and not a big huge mess to go through).

Which is why I love this idea for storing make up brushes.
Cue the infomercial music....

My make up is currently seperated in my drawer, but my brushes tend to sit on a paper towell on my dresser. I do this because I use the paper towel to clean them off for my next round of application, but it ends up making my dresser look gross!

Or if I store them in the drawer with everything else, they're just too hard to find and it takes up too much time looking through to get the brush I need.

That is until I tried....(insert clever named being yelled at you here) !
It's a vase and some beads! Then I stuck my brushes down in them! It's so exciting, and it's the fastest easiest way to get wash board abs! Wait....

That was the only vase I had available that was small. I do plan on getting another short square one to use for this (the one like that, that I have is perfectly arranged with some flowers on my book shelf and I didn't want to disturb it).

I LOVE this. Now my brushes are easily accessible and don't look all nasty on my dresser! Plus it blends right in with the other glass containers I have storing other beauty items. And it's slippery when wet, sticky when dry! No it's not...

Perfection. Bliss. All the things that come at the end of an infomercial with whatever they're selling-I have achieved.

Try it in the next ten minutes! I have nothing to throw in or any way to double this offer when you do!

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