Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Happy Nails

The absolute best advice I could ever give you about nails, is.....
Wait for it....

Make sure you love whatever color or technique you're going to try.

Yours is the face your nails are in constantly so be sure that it's moments of joy you have when you see your hands and not agony or sadness.

After I get done doing my nails and I'm not totally thrilled with how they turn out, I can be seen moving from light to light trying to "shed new light" (ha! pun!) on how they look hoping that one little shadow is what's causing my disdain.

As in the case of this last week, I made it almost a full 24 hours before I finally dropped the charade and got real with myself. I didn't like my nails at all.

So I switched to what the soul of my hand was craving all along and that was orange. A bright and cheery, almost pumpkin-y orange that's both seasonally appropriate and happy as sunlight.

"A Roll in the Hague" by OPI was going to be my saving grace.

Painted. Done. Check. Beautiful.
Got to sleep, woke up-pillow creases all over my perfect little nail job :(

Thankfully I have Essies's "Matte About You" to counter act that-so a few swipes of that later-Oh My Goodness the color looks so good and smooth!!

I love how the mattefier breathes new life into your colors. This color looks so perfectly chic all matte because it's so bright. Oh my goodness, even as I type this I love seeing my nails.

Victory at last!

Now that's the kind of happy I want on my hands every week :)

(PS: That's my sparkly pumpkin! All I did was take spray glue, spray it on the top coming down, douse glitter all over it and Wha-La! It's 15 pounds of sparkly goodness!)

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