Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday Party on Your Nails

It was a very special week, as it was my birthday on Tuesday! (And yes, I'm going to mention that as much as possible :)

The special occasion called for very special nails, so I decided weeks ago my birthday nails would be purple since it's my favorite color. It was how I was going to jazz that purple up that was in question.

A few weeks ago I got some great purple sparkle polishes from Forever 21 that I was very excited to try.

I decided on ombre sparkle nails (seems fitting for a late 20's birthday :)

Here's how I did it...

I started with OPI purple polish...and unfortunately I can't remember the name!! I know!! I know! I hate it too!! But it's purple and has a little bit of shimmer in it.

Three coats of that later, I moved to my lighter purple sparkle polish which I applied with a makeup sponge on the ends and sides of my nails. I do the sides because it makes it look like the sparkles are cascading up my nails.

After that dried, I got the darker sparkles and dabbed them with the sponge only on the very tips of my nails.

What makes this look super cool is that the purple base polish has tiny sparkles in it so it starts with those then goes to bigger sparkles, then finally bigger darker ones.

I'm really loving it!
Definitely nails worthy of the birthday.

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