Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Spiffday!!!

Today is the two year birthday of!

Two years ago today I hit "publish" on something I had been cooking up for about a year. It took a lot of time and a heck of a lot of effort building and creating the perfect place to be my outlet for all that love of fashion and beauty I've got pent up inside. (The picture-bottom left-was from the celebration of our first official posting!! :)

One thing I can say without hesitation is that I'm passionate about women feeling good about themselves, and when I came to this realization three years ago I decided I needed to do something about it!

I'm so thankful for that passion God has placed inside of me, and especially for the ability to let it out to all of you. And speaking of thankfulness, it wouldn't be near as much fun (or helpful) if I wrote this out into the oblivion with no one reading. So thank you!

Thank you for coming back five days a week to see just what we're dishing out next.

God meant for us to have life and live it in abundance and that abundance includes loving the skin He's put us in. He knows what an awesome job He did creating you and He is earnestly watching as you realize it too!!

Two years and 520 posts strong.  For The Spiff and for YOU the best is yet to come :)

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