Friday, June 8, 2012

Glow in the Green

Growing up in Florida, The Kennedy Space Center was a common field trip destination.

On one such trip to the center I got my hands on some glow in the dark nail polish-which, to my high school grown mind, was the coolest thing since Jonathan Taylor Thomas (even now it still would be pretty cool-Ha!).

Unfortunately, ten minutes after buying it someone knocked it out of my hand and splattered glow in the dark nail polish all over the ground (which at night probably looked pretty cool and spacey-you're welcome Kennedy Space Center). It was equivalent to me being five and someone knocking the ice cream cone out of my hand.

Thankfully I was immediately surrounded by my best friends who ushered me over to the store and bought me some more polish :)

Those are the memories that rushed my head when I painted my nails this week. I don't have a OPI name for you on this one because it's actually not OPI. It's Forever21 polish that has held up pretty well. This picture was taken today and I painted my nails last Friday. I'm going to attribute it's longevity to either the four coats I gave it or the OPI base coat foundation I built it on.

Either way it's got me thinking twice when I see a cheap color I like.

I'm loving the bright-looks like it's glowing-green on my tips all week and will certainly return to it again and again all summer.

If I could name it, I would probably call it something like "Green with Excitement" or "Sometimes the best moments in friendships happen after something breaks".


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