Monday, June 11, 2012

Francie Pants

All you Gilmore Girl fans out there will remember Francie.

She was the hitch in Season 3 (the good ole’ seasons where problems didn’t involve Lorelei marrying around). At one point she quips sarcastically at Rory about her problem being she had, “yet to achieve the perfect liquid line”.

Well Francie…eat your heart out (whether sarcastically or not, you know she totally would have liked to actually achieve the perfect liquid line). I did just that last week.

While I always change up the shadow patterns and colors on my eyes, the one thing I always do over it all is a cat eye.

The line can vary in thickness depending what goes best with the look I'm trying to create (and how awake I am!).

If you want to achieve this same perfection, your best bet is to go with a very thin angled brush and some “fluidline” from MAC (or something like it).

Take your angled brush and start in the middle, creating the line out to the edge first. Go straight out with it-don't try to go up or down because no matter how good your angle is-it will be hard to mimic on the other eye. After you've created your line, fill it in and go back and all the way to the corner of your eye with it.

All of that plus lots and lots of practice will help YOU achieve the perfect liquid line. That, and apparently now, one groggy eye, because that’s what I was working with here and it turned out pretty good-ha!

Come back tomorrow for how to achieve this total eye look-it's the best summer eye make-up routine you'll find!

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