Monday, June 18, 2012

Maxx'ed Out

Stuck in a shopping rut?

How many times have you circled Forever21 thinking the racks are going to magically renew themsevles with gobs of clothing you would wear (wait, that's actually happened to me once, so bad example).

It's time to set yourself free. Get the Banana out of your mouth and fill in the Gap with new stores not Old Navy ones (too easy cheesy). Get out of your shopping comfort zone and visit a store that's off your well beaten path.

I did this on Saturday and I'm wearing proof that it works out well. Burlington Coat Factory is never on my radar, but I had to run an earrand in that almost deserted section of shopping so I stopped in to see what kind of great shoe deals they would offer me. Well, that didn't work out so well BUT I started browsing the watches and found two TWO name brand ones together in a box for $12 bucks!

That's two watches I would be without if I hadn't stopped in somewhere I never consider as part of my shopping routine. And it was totally well worth it!

If you're thinking I'm late to the Burlington party (they are, after all, MORE than just great coats ;) Then pick somewhere else you haven't visited in a while. At the very least it will make you thankful for your regular stops and maybe breathe new life into places that you feel are Limited (HA! Get it!)

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