Friday, June 15, 2012

Almay, Almay-not

Besides being your authority on all things spiffy, I like to provide a product review as often as I can.

I know how daunting of a task it can be to stand in the beauty isle with not a clue as to which is the best product. And I also know the emotional roller coast that is online reviews-"Hated it!" / "Loved it!", making it impossible to sift through and see the truth.

So know that what you read on here is the best possible product review you could ever encounter-ever EVER! And please refer friends and family ;)

Eye makeup remover-it's never something you look forward to buying but it's absolutely necessary. Which is why for a while now I've been paying over $10 for it because I found a brand that did everything I needed it to do-take my eye make up off without leaving greasy monkey eyes.

I ran out of it, though, and found myself in Target faced with many (much cheaper) options. So I decided to go with Almay. Oh what a mistake I made.

The only upside to this stuff is that it doesn't leave your face greasy, but it also leaves your face with EYE MAKE UP.

It doesn't hardly remove a thing! I've got to apply it over and over again for it to actually take anything off. And I don't use water proof masacra, nor do I generally have on lots of make up so for it not to even be able to remove my everyday look, I'm thinking the whole bottle's going to be needed for after a night out!

Thankfully it was less than $5 but lesson most certainly learned. I really hate to waste things, but I can't stand the stuff so I'll just keep it in the back of the drawer for those times when the good stuff runs out.

Sorry, Almay, you really struck out on this one.

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