Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Burning Question

My one burning beauty question…one that ranks the highest in total things I’m curious about in this world, is…

How do I pull off flawless summer foundation?!
You want a tan face but with coverage at the same time-how do you get that by matching the tan everywhere else?!

It’s something I block out of my brain for sure because every year I forget what a chore it is to put my make up on ensuring that everything looks fluid.
I remember a girl in high school that had the orange face and the foundation line at her jaw-I remember this especially in my nightmares because that’s what it’s ranked in my head.

The good news is every year I work passionately at finding a solution to this plaguing problem and every year I feel as if I inch closer to perfection.

Last year the inch of progress was spurred by tinted moisturizer. I have fallen head over heels in love with this stuff. It’s light, it’s easy, it gives you just the right amount of coverage without looking too “done”, and if you begin with it as your base you don’t have to layer as much actual foundation over it.

And the even greater news is that even if you haven’t bought it, you can concoct your own with what you’ve got! All you have to do is take a dabble of moisturizer (which you should be using everyday!!) and dust some of your foundation powder or liquid into the lotion, swirl it around in your hand then slather all over your face!

It’s that simple.
And it makes a HUGE difference. Like I said, you’ll get just enough coverage so that if you’re running errands you’ll be good to go, or if you’re going somewhere more important it won’t take as much foundation and color matching.

Anything to help get us closer to the perfect summer face!

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