Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Men's Wear and Why

This week is all about what's big for fall and what I think about it.

I've watched over my life as God has lead me to liking things before they hit it big. I don't consider this a small thing, because in the fashion blogging world everyone's looking to know what's big first. Taping into God, the Creator of you, heaven and earth is the best way to do that.

So let's talk about mens wear. I'm thankful this trend is still around because I love it, and the longer it's around the more easily I can shop for options.
fall blazer

The first time I ever wore men's wear was getting ready for a big night at church. I played a big role in this important night for the youth, and wanted to make sure I looked good. I remember searching the mall frantically at closing time...on the night before the event (do you get that this was my last possible chance?) 

But I prayed about it, and walked into Wet Seal. I still remember the lights being half off and seeing a black vest on the table. Immediately it was dropped into my minds eye of layering that vest over the shirt I had already purchased and wearing it with my new Guess jeans. Done.

About a month later, I walked back into Wet Seal and saw the same exact outfit being worn by one of their models in a picture. That was a month after I had already worn it.

Do you think God cares? I can't help but think so, and I'm so thankful to know Him like I do.

So yes, men's wear is still something I love (and it happens to be a trend). I plan on wearing the heck out of it.
{If you love it too, be sure to add some feminine details like a pink heel, or dainty jewelry so as to balance out the look.}

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