Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's Big for Fall and What to do With it.

My least favorite sentence in the whole wide world...
"It's what's big right now, so I guess I'll be wearing it."

Hearing that is like nails on a chalk board to my ears.

Why would you ever just put something on your body without first determining if it looks good...or forget that, how about, if you even LIKE it?! 

If you're wearing something just because it's what's in the magazines, STOP.
Magazines are heavily driven by who pays the most advertising dollars. So sometimes what they say is "big" is only "big" because a big company paid them to say that.

I look at magazines for the concept of an outfit. I look at how they've put things together and not so much what item's been repeated the most, but I look for what items peak my interest. It's window shopping without hurting my feet.

Let me give you an example...
Camo is big for fall this year. It baffles me. Because when I think camo in fashion, my mind immediately thinks of cheap clothes. Wearing camo outside of its proper use, I don't think of it favorably. Now, I've seen it work.

Pictured is the J. Crew version of the only kind of camo I would consider wearing (it's dark and almost unnoticeable).

But before you buy, ask yourself if you truly love it before you put it on. If you find that you truly love the idea of being trendy, over the idea of wearing camo then take it off/take it back. 

If you're in love with the idea of being trendy more than you are what you're wearing, then you'll never own something you love for very long. Trends come and go so quickly that your closet will get filled up with things that you will only feel good in for fifteen minutes. 

Stop and find something that you truly love. If that happens to be camo, so be it. If not, the confidence you'll walk in wearing that piece will far outshine any trend that comes your way.

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