Monday, September 23, 2013

4 Reasons to Love the Heck out of Fall

Fall, is truly the greatest season of all.
Give me two minutes to convince you of this.

Fall means less work on yourself.
When its hot outside, you're having to shave, tweeze, tan and polish a lot more of yourself. Summer can be a real chore. Fall, on the other hand, is all about covering up with layers which translates to you having to spend less time doing all of the above.

Fall makes it fun to go outside again.
By the time summer ends, it's been too hot and too buggy to be outside at all. I took my dog out for just a couple minutes and came back in with 5 bug bites. But fall, oh fall, it means cooler temperatures, less bugs, beautiful trees...I'll take it.

Fall makes for a happy nose.
This point won't work if you're not a fan of cinnamon, apples, and pumpkin but if you don't like any of those you're probably too busy hating on kittens and fuzzy bunnies to be reading this. You have to admit, the smells of fall are a lot more pleasing/exciting then they are any other season (except maybe spring). Fall, with it's pies and bonfires, has cornered the market on comforting aromas.

Fall is the funnest time to get dressed.
Layers and jackets and boots and scarves...Oh. My. There are just so many more things you get to wear in fall, making shopping and getting dressed this time of year an explosion of happiness (for me, at least). Instead of picking out just one top or one dress, fall means getting to wear tights and jackets and layer up all kinds of things giving you so many outfit opportunities it's exciting.

I'm reigning myself in and pulling it to a stop, but just know I could go on.

If you need more pumping up about what I think is the greatest season-you just shoot me an email This is going to be our best fall yet :)

Come back all week for fall outfit inspiration. I'm going to break down what's trending and what I think about it. And be sure to catch up on my latest Style Setter blog! I've broken down the perfect Girls Night outfit!

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