Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedge It and Forget It

Summer is 24 hours away and we can already smell it coming-these 90 degree temps are making every one sweat!

If you're looking to beat the heat or join it at the beach, here is another travel tip that will make your va-cay truly relaxing.

Wedge these in your suitcase!

They're the perfect vacation shoe (really the perfect summer shoe, too) because they are comfortable and make a casual look that much more dressy without making you feel out of place.

They take that long maxi dress of yours up a notch (literally!), they help your jean capris go from day to breezy night, and make shorts look a couple inches cuter.

The greatest thing of all about these shoes is that with their full foundation it's not as hard to maintain your balance. Keeping you calm cool and collected even when you're out of town.

I snagged these bad boys at Old Navy last week for $9! What a steal! So you can look cute and not break your budget (or your ankles).

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