Wednesday, June 20, 2012

White Hot Pants

Summer is here, and it has brought its good friend 90 Degrees.
How do you accommodate both of those guests without looking too underdressed in the office?

Simple. White pants.

If you don’t yet own a pair, you’re not yet privy to the easy way it transforms any top (and I do mean virtually ANY top) to an instantly classic summer outfit.

Stripes, for example, paired with white pants give you that cool nautical look that says, “I’m stopping by my yacht on the way home”. Who wouldn’t want to look like they own a yacht?

The best way to pair stripes with white pants is to make sure if one of the stripes are white that they match the shade of white in the pants. If the whites are a little off, then as long as the off white stripe in your shirt is a thin one (thick white stripes that don’t match the white in your pants say, “I’m stopping by Kmart on the way home”).

Paired with some simple silver jewelry (and a white watch-which is my current new watch-love) and you’ve got both Summer and 90 Degrees beat because you look so cool.

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