Tuesday, May 22, 2012

List Maker, Heart Breaker

Making lists can vary drastically in levels of fun.
A grocery list,for example, (which I'm about to make) is low on the level of fun scale, while a birthday list is quite high, no?!

Unless you're a list making freak, it's hard to get yourself organized enough to do it. But lists help so much in the end.

I think it's good to keep a list of what your next beauty purchase is going to be. This way you keep yourself fresh and you don't end up wandering around the drug store aimlessly believing labels.

This will also get you to buy more carefully because if you'll keep your list handy (say on your mobile device) you'll be able to update it every time you see or read about something (say on the spiff dot com!).

Next on my list to buy is some of that Garnier BB cream. It will be a nice summer foundation for days when I dont feel like loading up. It's like tinted moisturizer on steroids because it does so many good things for your face!

There's a peak at my list, what's on yours!?

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