Thursday, April 19, 2012


French Quarter for Your Thoughts?

It's the name of this weeks nails!

OPI's recent "Touring America" color collection is by far one of my favorite (their French collection is my number one).

This color actually came from the mulit pack that they sell with every collection. It's a combination of four teeny tiny colors from the current line and it's a great thing for people like me who can't make up their mind!

It's only about $5 more than a single polish so it's really a bargan. And even though the bottles are small, they're probably all you really use before a polish ends up getting old. (I will say, there's a draw back to the teeny tiny being teeny tiny and all. But they're so fun to look at! So it's really a wash :)

Consider that next time they introduce a line of colors you can't decide between, and think of "French Quarter for Your Thoughts?" next time you want to do something nice and neutral for a change!

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