Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abstinence of a Different Kind

If you can hold out, abstain from washing your new pair of jeans for 6 months. Get a promise ring, take a cold shower, whatever it takes because it works.

And before you go snubbing your nose at me, let me explain.

Last time I bought a new pair of jeans they were jeans that were replacing my favorites! So in order to get them to mold to my body I wore them unwashed for six months.
That's right, 6 months.
When you have real jeans (not jeggings or some kind of blend) if you wear them for six months without washing they'll mold to your body and give you that perfect comfy "my favorite pair of jeans" fit.

Reconsidering your initial reaction, yeah?

If you don't wear your jeans everyday then they won't get gross and dirty and you won't have to worry about a smell. But if you do, then I'd maybe just wear them around the house or think about giving up the perfect fit.
I'm here to tell you, this works. I've now got two pairs of jeans that fit me perfectly and both times I waited the six month period to wash. And never once, by the way, did someone tell me I stink so here's hoping you'll have the same luck ;)

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