Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Last One of These You'll Ever Buy

If you're still struggling with drugstore nail files, quit. I'm serious. Burn them.

They're a waste of time and money, and only breed frustration when you pick one up thinking it has enough "fresh space" left, but it doesn't.

You know what file always has fresh space no matter how long you've used it? A crystal nail file.

I'd like to pause here a moment and pay homage to my little nail file. I think I've accidentally thrown it away. It lasted me a good long time. I used it on my nails every week for 3 years. That's over 150 times it was there for me, fresh as a daisy.

I hope I find it, but since I couldn't wait till I did (the weekly manicure must live on) I sprung for a new one. A bigger one, that hopefully won't get swept away when I pick up my mess.

Believe it or not, this size only costs about $2 more than the smaller size (and there's one even larger than this). This medium size rings in at $10. That might initially sound like a lot of money to you, but baring any accidental visit to the trash can, this file could potentially be the last file you ever buy.

All you have to do to "refresh" it is rinse it off. That's it. Like I said, my little guy lasted 3 years (almost to the day), and I use it faithfully every week. So think about that next time you pick up your flimsy little drugstore nail file.

Oh, and you can get these at Morri's Luggage and Gifts in West Town Mall right outside of JCPenney.

Go get one for yourself!

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