Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rainy Day Style

Rainy day outfits
Those April showers that bring May flowers? Yeah, they waited till the last possible second in April to spring up. I'm ok with it, though. I like rainy days. They make being inside so cozy (anything that reminds me of fall/winter ;)

The only beef I have with a rainy day is the outfit problem it posses.

I realize, that I'm going to be outside a total of 9 minutes and inside for hours. However, it's those few minutes outside that can really shape how comfortable you feel in your clothes for those several hours inside.

That's why I like to choose outfits that are "water proof."

Outfits such as this one...
Rainy day outfit

I liked the cuffed pants because there are few things in this world that annoy me faster than wet pant legs. Eww. I don't like to take the chance that the bottoms of my skinnies might get wet, so I will either cuff them or wear any other pair that doesn't go down past my ankle.

Rainy day outfit
Next, I always feel like wrapping up in something on a rainy day (makes it easier to get out of bed).

A lot of my sweaters are too wintery, so I reach for a blazer. This cotton blazer from Target is perfect because it feels like a sweater but has the structure of a jacket. Which means it's sharp enough for the office, warm enough for my requirements, and doesn't scream a particular season as these babies are good to wear all year round (praise the Lord for that).

And on rainy days, I never expect my hair to sit straight, so I will lean into the weather and let my hair do it's curly/wavy thing. You know what your hair will and won't do on these types of days, so try to plan accordingly.

For shoes, I'd like (of course) to curl up in my Ugg boots and avoid wet feet entirely, but since that isn't an option, cute Croc flats like these will keep your feet completely dry (just avoid the squeaking problem I had and wear socks). 

That's my formula for the perfect rainy day outfit! I hope we get some more of these (without the thunder and lightning part).

Happy Spring!

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