Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Product Review: Rimmel Mascara

Readers, I think of you when I'm standing in Target trying to decide which mascara to get.

I stand there thinking how I could go with what's comfortable (L'Oreal) or I could try a new one and bring you yet another well informed review.

Because I cherish you, I went with a new one. I went with Rimmel London "The Max Volume Flash" mascara (to be pronounced, "mass-car-a").

Let's a do a quick pro/con list:

  • It's about half the price of regular mascara (it rang it at round $5)
  • It does give you immediate volume
  • It doesn't get stiff so you can layer it up later on in the day if you want to refresh your face
  • The volume doesn't seem to stay throughout the day (but you can always refresh like I said)
  • If you're a brush fanatic, this one will disappoint. It's got full bristles, but you can tell they aren't in it for the long run. Probably won't hold up the full 3 months until the next round.
Overall, it's about what I expected. I've read good things about Rimmel London, so expectations were high. If you're looking to cut back on your beauty product spending, but you still want something that will make your lashes look full, this is the perfect mascara for you (which really full lashes for cheap sounds like something we're all looking for, no?)

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