Friday, May 2, 2014

A Clever Trick for Your Spring Dresses

This is going to sound like something one would say before breaking out into song, but I promise there will be no singing afterwards...

Inspiration is all around us.

Particularly outfit inspiration. I am on constant watch to see how people are wearing things, so that I can tweak my own style, or add something new I may have never thought about.

While attending my 6th wedding shower of the season last weekend (it's my own version of 27 Dresses), I obtained some major inspiration from my good friend Alicia.

Cleverly, she took one of her infinity scarves and used it as a wrap!

Let me tell you why this works on so many levels...

It keeps you warm in a comfortable way. Unlike a wrap, a larger infinity scarf like this will more easily stay in place because it's looped around your arms rather than hanging on them (I'm sure there's some term from physics that tells us why, but I can't even come up with a fake one so forget it).

This also helps to reduce the amount of skin you're showing if you've got say, an open back dress, or even a strapless one you may want to wear without baring it all.

I love the fresh color choice of teal against the black and white, and I especially love the fact that she did some pattern mixing by topping off the look with peacock patterned earrings.

It goes to show you, not all outfit inspiration has to come from Pinterest ;)

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