Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Nail Polish my Husband Bought me

My husband would make a horrible spy.

He can't keep a secret. At all.

Because of this, he waits till Christmas Eve to buy my presents. This way he only has to hold it in for 24 hours (God bless him, even holding it in for amount of time is hard for him!)

It's so fun to see what all he thought of to get me (he never disappoints!) and to hear all his funny stories of fights he's had with the store clerks.

One year, for example, he tried to explain several times that I'm very picky about nail polish and already have an extensive collection and will most likely bring back the color he gets so it doesn't matter as long as there is something in there for me to open. No matter how many times he emphasized all of the above, the girl behind the counter still insisted that they carefully pick one out and learn my tastes before doing so.

This year, I gave him an idea of what I wanted and he hit it out of the park.
opi "It's all san andras fault"
Am I a little bit obsessed with this bracelet? Yes.

I just love this taupe color and in the "Liquid Sand" line by OPI it's even cooler. It's really easy to apply because it dries quickly and can look good in just one coat making it perfect go-to if you're painting in a pinch.

Plus the matted look it gets when it dries makes it 100x more edgy.

The color is "It's All San Andrea's Fault" from the San Francisco collection.

And I simply adore it AND the boy that picked it out :)

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