Friday, January 10, 2014

The One Thing You Don't Want to do When Shopping a Sale

There is a special feeling of euphoria when one sees the words "Sale!"

If you love a good bargain, seeing discounts signs are like seeing the first lights of Christmas. The trick is not getting carried away in your jubilation.

The last thing you want to do is buy clothing just because it's a good deal.

Let me explain...
how to shop a sale

The danger in buying clothes just because they're so cheap, is the fact that you begin to fill up your closet with "junk food." We all know what happens when we fill our body's with junk food - it doesn't perform as well.

The same is true with your clothes. I truly believe there is something that changes in our brains when we see great deals. It's like another part of you takes over - a scary, non-logical part.

I've noticed it in myself. I'll be shopping and see a top that's discounted off it's sale price. Now if this top were to be full price, I wouldn't think twice about it, but because it's discounted so deeply it becomes a real contender. So I buy it.

And what happens?

I get home and maybe a week later when the shopping high has worn off, I pass the top in my closet and think, "Oh I'm never going to wear that." There goes money but most importantly there goes valuable space in my close that could be used for something that's going to help me (a visual vegetable, if you will).

sale shoppingDon't hear me say that I'm against all sale shopping. Lord (and my husband) knows I am not. But what I've done is employ a few tricks to help ward off making any mistakes while sale-drunk.

I ask myself these questions...

1. What can I wear this with?
2. Is it fulfilling a need in my closet?
3. Would I wear it tomorrow? (If it's a seasonal item and you're not in it's current season, think of what events you typically attend that you could wear it to).

Ask those questions and if it passes the test, get it. If it doesn't pass, but you still want it just be sure to make that kind of purchasing a rare thing, then go home and get rid of something in your closet before you put it in.

Ps: I just happened to go sale shopping after writing this, and for the record I'd like to add one one more question to the list.. 4. Do I already own something similar to this? (For me the question would be..."Don't you already own four other black tops just like this one?)

Hey, friends don't let friends buy sale-drunk. That's what I always say. Well, that's what I said this one time when I was closing out a blog anyway :)

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