Monday, January 20, 2014

How I Built an Outfit Around a Necklace

I love a good craving. I can go through long (30-year-spanning) bouts of indecisiveness. So when a craving pops up, I'm all about it. It's an undeniable urge directing me towards one thing.

I'll take it.

Lately I've had a craving for long swingy necklaces. I love how they make you feel sexy and carefree. Like you just threw it on (because you did) and yet it looks so polished.

This swingy necklace was the basis for this whole outfit and I'll tell you how it came about...

Knowing I wanted to wear this visual masterpiece I first thought a blazer would be the obvious choice. But after I put the blazer on I realized it was going to hide the necklace too much and this thing of beauty was not meant to be hidden.

I didn't want to wear it with just a simple sweater because it still needed some sort of background beyond just one color. That's when I decided to go shopping and I found this number. The wide army green and black stripes are the perfect backdrop for the gold, and the sheerness of the blouse meant it would work well into spring (something I start to think about this time of year).

The fact that it was only $12 at JCP wasn't hurting it either. I immediately knew I could always throw a scarf on over it or wear it with my leather jacket...two more ways to get use out of it and therefore solidifying my decision.

Now...the pants. I had a wedge pair of booties in mind to wear with it at first, but it turns out that pairing those with black jeans was going to be too much black. The blouse is darker and when paired with complete blackness below the waist, it brought the whole outfit down (in a depressing, I listened to heavy metal screaming on the way over, kind of way).

These skinny black trousers from Old Navy were a perfect fit especially when I paired them with my colored leopard heels (I love me a good pattern mix). It allowed a little skin to peak out but still kept all the attention on my necklace.

For the rest of my jewelry, I liked doing a black watch and then a pile of bracelets because it meant nothing got more attention than the necklace. A bold bracelet would have taken some of the spotlight.

You'll see this outfit again on my next Style Setter blog. It's all about five (new) ways to make sure you're sale shopping successfully. So stay tuned!

And tune in tomorrow morning for The Spiff live on FOX! I'm talking all about buying the right work out clothes!

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