Friday, January 17, 2014

My Snuggie Sweater

Today enjoy a post about one of my favorite things to wear. I wrote this last year but everything still holds true. And even though it's not raining outside today (I think it's supposed to at some point) it is cooooold outside so a big cozy snuggie sweater would be perfect!

On a cold rainy day such as this one, I reach for one thing (well too if you count my Uggs) a sweater that's as close to a snuggie as I can get without being embarrassed to go out in public.

One of the 100,000 reasons I love fall/winter the most because on a rainy day in winter you can dress all cozy and still be cute. In the summer cozy and cute translates to sweats and that translates to, "we need to have a talk about your life choices."

My two favorite sweaters to wear on days like today are the big/waterfall kind that cascade down in layers of-what I tell myself is my comforter which makes it easy to get and stay out of bed in the mornings.

You should think about getting a sweater like this. Or just any article of clothing you can go to on a day when you know every fiber of your being is going to want to lounge. Buy something you can secretly lounge in, but to the world reads-I've got it all pulled together and don't I look cute!?

These types of pieces help tremendously lift your spirits and get you excited about cozy, rainy cold days. It doesn't take much to get me excited on those days (I love weather that makes you happy to be indoors), but it just sky rockets my happiness when I can take the comfort with me where ever I go.

This is my cold/rainy uniform, so I'm sure to buy a sweater much like this one whenever I see it on sale so I can switch it up while still feeling comfortable. You should too!

It's a blanket with sleeves...but still stylish!

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