Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 Ways to Fit Comfortably in Your Jeans

workout motivationI like to start every blog I've ever written about loosing weight with this disclaimer: I am no health expert. I just fit comfortably in my favorite jeans because of these three methods...(cute socks always helps :)

1. Budget your calories like cash.
Everyday we get so many calories to consume. Generally it's 2,000 but if you want to loose weight it can be less. The trick is to spend them wisely. If you know you're going out to dinner to your favorite restaurant with the good onion rings, then save up all day by eating lightly at breakfast and lunch.

A great way to do this is through a calorie counting app. My favorite is Lose It! But there are others out there. The benefit to doing this is you start to become conscious of what's going in your mouth. I did it for so long on the app that I can now look at something and give a general estimate of how many calories it has.

Even though I don't do the app anymore, the practice of being calorie conscious and knowing where I want to spend and save has helped me tremendously.

2. Watch what you drink.
Speaking of spending calories, watch that you're not drinking away your budget. That can be so easily done with a sweat tea here, a lemonade there...and boom that's close to 300 calories that you weren't even really conscious about.

Water with lemon is a great way to go (especially if you don't like the taste of water). I love it because it allows me to really enjoy the taste of my food!

3. Work out - no excuses.
NO excuses. And if you have one, work out anyways. Even if it's just for 10 minutes. I just stumbled upon THE greatest way to work out and it's through this Pop Sugar app. It gives you all kinds of great videos with varying lengths. You could do 10 minutes or 40 - whatever you have time for.

I love this because I don't need special equipment or to even leave my living room, but after these workouts I'm sore (a feeling I've learned to love and embrace because it means progress has been made).

These girls are great cheerleaders, I feel like I've got my own personal trainer now. Try it for yourself. Even if it's just once for 10 minutes, the feeling you get afterwards will keep you coming back for more.

But remember, no matter what number you see on the scale, you're beautiful! Love what you see, love who you are. You're never going to be truly happy with yourself if you don't enjoy the skin you're in right this minute. God loves every inch of you, so should you!

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