Monday, December 9, 2013

Why You Need a Leather Skirt (Yes You)

Last month I set out to find a leather skirt.

Before I even walked out the door I knew the search for one would be discouraging. Not because I didn't think I could find it (leather is, after all, the popular kid in school right now), but because I once owned the exact leather skirt I was setting out to find.

It was from Express, it was A-line and it was just the right length. I even remember not being able to get rid of it and trying over and over until finally it was out of my life. Oh the irony.

The thought of that made me cringe every so often while I was shopping, but finally I found a skirt that would make the memory of the old one a little less painful.

This time, I went for something with a quilted pattern. It's this one (below) from Forever21. I love the combination of leather and quilting because right now I'm very much into mixing textures.

You've heard me say before how balance is the key to a great outfit. Well the same is true when you're putting textures together.

christmas party outfit
Balance the edgy look of a leather skirt with a big soft sweater then add another layer by throwing on a sparkly necklace. Over the weekend I wore it with this sweater that's got a wool/sparkle mixture going on so it was perfect.

Or throw on a soft t-shirt and a woolen blazer. Putting textures together like that, heck even typing out those words, gets me so excited. I just love that stuff!!

christmas party outfit
Thanksgiving day outfit: leather paired with a maroon men's undershirt and leopard cardi!

Just think a bit about mixing textures like that, especially this time of year when we get to layer up!

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