Friday, December 6, 2013

Where to Get the Best Tights

A good pair of tights will let you get away with a lot.

Things like - shorter hem lines, *whispers* not shaving. 
It's especially important this time of year to have a good pair you can rely on.

While you may be stuck in the habit of running to the drug store every time your last pair runs, you probably end up wasting more time and money on those cheap ones. Let me talk you into investing a few more dollars...

Several months ago The Limited was having a BOGO sale. When I went up to the register with my purchase, they told me one more item would be half off. So I grabbed a pair of tights.

I say grabbed, by I scoured the jewelry section first just to make sure there wasn't anything I wanted, and really as a last resort I grabbed tights. But I'm so glad I did!

I know they're not the funnest of purchases, but really they're something I end up wearing multiple times per week. And The Limited's are great. 
the best tights

They don't cut my stomach too tightly, they have just the right amount of sheerness to them. They're very durable, and they don't get those little tiny nicks that cheap one's do if your ring hits them the wrong way (I hate that). Plus they have, what's become one of my strange little requirements, a tag on the one side so you always know which side is front and back (it's the little things ;)

I got them on sale for $8 which is probably double what you'd pay if you bought them at a drugstore. But quality really makes a difference.

Standing there, trying to decide if they were worth it or not, I would have loved to ask for their list of references which is why I like to let you know these things. Plus they'd make someone a great Christmas present! 

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