Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Accessory Mistake to Avoid for Holiday Parties

Last Thursday afternoon I found myself standing in Old Navy with a choice.

Red? Or green? It was like a glamorous version of the Matrix red pill/blue pill conundrum.

I could choose the red earrings and go with a color that doesn't really move me, but is gorgeous and festive; or I could go a little different and do green (not many people do this time of year).

I'm sure I made the people around me wonder if everything was OK, as I stood there for quite sometime holding each up to my ear over and over.

Finally, I employed a trick I call, "the look away." I walk away, or look at something new for a few seconds/minutes to reset my brain. Then I come back/look again at my options and pay close attention to my reaction in the first couple seconds of seeing both choices again.

Did one win my heart a little more than the other? Yes, the green did. But here's where I made a mistake...

I didn't consider my hair. I knew I was going to be wearing it down, but what I didn't consider is that the green while sparkly in the store under the lights, didn't sparkle at all under the cloak of my dark hair.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself when trying to accessorize your holiday party outfits...
1. What are you doing with your hair? 
Will it be up? Or will it be down, giving your earrings less stage time? If it's down, don't make my mistake, and consider the color of your hair and whether or not the earrings will show through!

2. Are you going with a necklace as well? 
You know what I'm always saying about this...have only one statement piece! Consider doing studs instead of something dangling that may take away from the shine of your necklace.

3. Will you be sparkling anywhere else? 
The outfit I was buying the green earrings for already had plenty of sparkle but was all black, so I needed some color but didn't have to have shine. Which worked out since you couldn't see the earrings after all!

Remember, you can always add bling to your wrists! Sometimes that's the most comfortable way to go. But above all else - wear what makes you feel gorgeous! 

Merry Christmas!

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