Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why This Works

You've already heard me say how important it is to have a list going of things you need that will help build the perfect fall wardrobe.

If you haven't already heard me say it, read that first sentence again.

One of the things on my fall wardrobe list this year, was to buy more patterned cardigans. And, for the love of God, to stay away from animal print as much as I possibly could (I love it a little too much at this point - if I wear it all together I look like I'm ready for safari).

Thanks to a $15 sweater sale at Target, I was able to stock up on two patterned cardi's that will flow nicely with the rest of my closet, whilst breathing new pattern-life into my looks.

Pictured is one of them.

I love this because it's a fresh take on the classic hounds tooth pattern, and it adds some much needed color into my fall looks.

I can pattern mix with it (as I did with the short's subtle pattern), and it keeps me cozy and warm. It's like have a super comfortable jacket on.

I love the shorts/tights look this time of year, and this sweater was the perfect way to anchor the ensemble (lets face it the shorts thing can get a little "lady of the night" if you don't watch out).

What's on your fall wardrobe list that you haven't purchased yet?!

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