Monday, November 4, 2013

Coats That Will Make you Happy it's Cold

It's coat season!

If that sentence doesn't make you squeal like a kid getting cotton candy, then allow me to get you there...

Having a great coat to slip into this time of year is so important.

For one, it's a real confidence booster when you slip into a coat you love. My coat collection was nothing to be classified as a "collection" when I first moved here. I lived out of a light cotton trench from Old Navy the first couple of winters.

Then about 3 or 4 years ago, I discovered a great coat and it's been my favorite thing to wear ever since.

A coat helps further define your style and is something you slip in and out of in front of people (so they'll see the details of it). There's nothing worse than trying to hide a tear, or trying to get out of it too early so no one sees it.

With all of the styles in all of the price ranges out there, there's not an excuse in the world to not own a decent coat.

On my latest Style Setter blog, I bring all of the good ones to your face, by featuring ones I like from stores in West Town Mall.

AND I break down what makes a great coat great, so even if you don't like what I've picked out you can at least know what to look for when shopping.

Clear some room in your coat closet, and click here!

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