Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Weeks Nails

Red is weird (sorry Taylor).

I don't hate the color, but I am never ever drawn to it. It's as if it's not even an option in my mind.

So when it comes to having classic red nails, like I do this week, it's a rarity worthy of celebration.

Last week I purchased a cute leopard top from JCP (for less than $20!) that spawned the whole thought process.

Wearing the leopard made me crave dramatic cat eyes and classic red nails, so I leaned into it and dusted off my OPI's "InStyle Red" (it's a polish InStyle gave out as a subscription bonus). Since that name isn't any fun, I'm going to rename it, "Isn't Red-iculous?"

I don't mind the shade at all. It's very candy-apple-esque. And it only makes me wonder what other shades have I been passing by that may actually suit my fancy?

How about you? Maybe it's not the classic colors you have qualms with, maybe it's the funky ones. Try something you've never tried before and see what you think!
red nails

Set your DVR's for WVLT tomorrow (different channel than usual).
I'll be on their morning show at 5:30am (see DVR reference) and I'll be talking about how to put together the perfect holiday party outfit! Don't miss it!

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