Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Simple Way to Preserve Your Favorite Jeans

As my husband can attest, I'm very particular about jeans.

I gave a friend of his what used to be my favorite pair of jeans and she raved about how great they fit her. He then went into my jean rituals and how particular I am about them. She was very grateful for that.

It pays to be peculiar particular when it comes to denim. Besides not washing them for the first 6 months, I've now added dry cleaning to my list of things to do to preserve them.

Dry cleaning is brilliant because it doesn't knock the jeans around as much as a washing machine would, and it won't fade the coloring as quickly.

After I hunted down a newer version of my favorite pair, I'm going to take every precaution to make sure these last me as long as possible. Dry cleaning them was less than $5. I would happily pay that price if it prolongs the life of my favorite skinnies in the whole wide world.

I was hoping dry cleaning would eliminate the time it takes to get them back in the shape that works so well, but unfortunately they still needed to re-form to my butt.

Now if only I wouldn't have dumped old coffee on my lap two days after picking them up, my plan would have worked out perfectly. Oh well.

good jeans
Love these for life!

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