Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Find Your Perfect Match...for Your Butt!

It's too bad there's no eHarmony for jeans.

Think about it, what other relationship is more important (closet-wise) then the one you have with your favorite pair of jeans?
Express jeans
Old flame...
I can't think of one!

When you find that perfectly crafted pair of jeans that are just the right length for your legs and just the right shade of denim...the one pair that grips your butt like a well worn leather driving glove hugging your every curve in the best possible way...when you find THAT pair, you better lock them down for life.

About six years ago I found jeans that were "the one". They were the worlds perfect skinny jeans from Express. They had the perfect wash, the perfect length and the perfect back pocket detailing-not too showy but just enough pattern to get noticed.

Oh gosh how I loved those jeans. Around six months ago I noticed a hole was starting to wear in a spot that definitely doesn't need a hole. It was a sad, sad day that day.
ebay jeans
New Love!

I briefly went jean shopping, even though I look forward to it like a trip to the gynecologist. And I found nothing. Even Express had moved on to other
jeans that just weren't the ones I fell in love with.

Out of desperation and fear and probably one of the stages of grief, I hopped on eBay and entered what information I had about my beloved jeans. I hoped that by doing this I could find someone out there who maybe didn't love what I loved about them.

And you know what? I found them. The same jeans (just a newer model) the same size and the same fantastic look all for under $40. I'm still in the process of breaking them in (thankfully they were never worn), and so far we're getting along just fine.

From time to time I'll pull out the other pair just to catch up on old times and think about all the places they took me...all the stages, parties, trips I wore them on and all the confidence I felt in them. But now I have a pair to make new memories with. Oh the places we'll go!

Don't give up hope on your lost jean-love! Maybe you can find a new pair to love on eBay.
Hey, I guess there really IS an eHarmony for jeans! ;)

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