Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Quick Polish Trick to Make Your Nails Look Good in Seconds

We all have our little beauty quirks  must-have's. Those things that we just HAVE to do or we won't feel gorgeous. I'm sure for some it's to have on eyeliner, or maybe it's to always have on lipstick.

Mine? I can't go without painted nails (I've tried, but I truly just can't).

Saturday night I thought about going the next four days without polish so that I could easily do my nails on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. The thought lasted about 2 seconds. I just can't go without color.

So I came up with this little trick that saved me time, but still gave me pretty nails.

Here's what I did...

I painted OPI's "Start to Finish" on my nails first. This provides a great base coat, and gives the polish something to latch onto. I don't always use it as a "finish" but even just painting a base helps your nail color last days longer than it would have on its own.

Then I did one (and only one) layer of "Designer De Better." I've written about this color so many times I could link every word in this blog to another post. Just know I love it.

But you can do any kind of shimmery color. Just make sure it has shimmer. Any other color would look terrible with just one light layer on your nails. By going with one with glint and/or shimmer, it can still look good in just one coat and gives your nails a gorgeous sheen.

Done. Manicure painted and dry in less than 10 minutes, and I feel like a woman again ;)

What's your beauty must-have!?

shimmer nail polish

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