Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Eve of Giving Thanks

I've got snow outside my window and a Publix sub waiting on me, so it's been a very good day so far.

Unfortunately with all the hustle and bustle, today's blog has gotten away from me.
But here it is, I'd like for you to enjoy one of  my favorite posts from last year. It's the post I wrote on last Thanksgiving Eve and it all still rings true.
Be sure to tune in (during your food coma) tomorrow and Friday for THREE more posts from my Style Setter blog - how to dress for Black Friday shopping, and two gift lists (one for girls and one for boys!).
Then catch The Spiff live on FOX43 Friday morning between 8:30 and 8:45 for some makeup gift ideas! So much to be thankful for!!!

Today, my friends, is the funnest day of the whooooole year.
Why, you ask?
Because we’re standing on the brink of the holiday season.

Right now, all the fun and family and hustling and bustling and glow lights and good eating is waiting to be plugged in and running!

Take a moment and enjoy it. Right now.

Now you’re ready to gear up for the biggest shopping day of the whole year!!!!
Here are a few quick tips to keep you in a good mood while you grab all the deals…

1. Hydrate. Keep water in your car and refuel in between shop stops.

2. Keep a granola bar in your purse. Those long lines seem a lot shorter when you’re not crankin out the cranky because you’re hungry.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. Comfort over style people-don’t worry so much about looking cute, chances are the other shoppers are too sleepy to notice.

4. Keep the laughter going. The few times I've braved the Black Friday darkness, I've noticed that everyone has the same half awake, crazed look of desperation on their face. Keep the smile big and the light moments coming. If you don't get what you set out to buy...Christmas will still come. Jesus will still be on the throne.
And remember there's always Cyber Monday :)

Enjoy this day, the dawn of the holidays!

Today, I'm thankful for having a relationship with God. There's no way I would try to make it through life without that. I'm so very thankful that He loves me and cares about the littlest things that I care about :) And He cares about you!!

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