Monday, September 9, 2013

The Secrets to a Smooth Seasonal Transition

The calendar may say "September" but today's high is going to be 8 degrees shy of a boy band.

So how do you make the transition from summer clothes to fall ensembles?

You put new criteria on what you're buying.

This time of year I'm very careful to buy off the summer sale rack. I don't want to be filling up my closet with floaty summer pieces unless I can answer yes to some questions.

This list will help you determine what to save for the coming months as the days grow shorter (yay!) and cooler (yay!). So when browsing through your closet or the summer sale racks, trying to figure out what you’re going to wear this fall, look over your summer things and ask these questions…

1. Would it go well with a jacket or a sweater?
If it does then it's golden, because it will help you formulate oh so many outfits well into fall.

2. Does it go with boots?
This could even be something sleevless because if it still goes with boots then you're good.

3. Can it be worn belted or tucked in?
Remember, a top doesn't just have to be worn plan. If it does look good either of those ways then it may be salvageable with a jacket thrown over the whole thing!

4. Is it a good foundation for a scarf?
Again, even if it's sleevless, the two may go very well hand in hand.
Asking these questions will not only stretch your summer wardrobe, but will also help you make the transition into fall-flawlessly (or fall-lessly!) 

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