Friday, September 6, 2013

Who's Copying Me This Week

Yesterday  morning started as a lot of morning do, with me checking my Feedly.

During this check of all my favorite blogs, I came across one that sounded very familiar.

It seems as if Bobbie Thomas has been watching me on the morning show to see what tip I'm going to give next. Apparently I'm part of her "resources" now :)

For her take on things (which is pretty much identical to mine) click on the picture. For my take on things here's a quick re-cap (as the link to the video can't be found).

1. Take a survey of what's already in your closet
2. Make a list of what you need.
3. Go hydrated and fueled
4. Make sure you wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of
5. Take items you may need to have a better idea of how things will fit (ie: underwear, shoes)
6. Only buy something if you can think of three things it will go with
7. If it's on sale, ask yourself if you would pay full price for it

Now, go forth and shop! And if you're looking for orange and white things to wear to this weekends game (or any other game colors for that matter) check out my new Style Setter Blog!

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