Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Weeks Nails

Last night a lady wearing white pants saw me and as she passed blurted out an apology/excuse for "breaking the rules".

What's funny is I can always count on this happening at least once this time of year. But what I never get is a chance to say this...

It doesn't matter. The rules are now meant to be broken.

Now I've got a rush of words that come to mind to help me get you where I want you to be in your mindset about fashion, so allow me to slowly unclog my drain...(ha, this started as a simple just a post about my nail color this week).

Great style comes from interpreting the trends in a way that reflects what you love, how you feel, and all the best parts of your body.

I was very careful in crafting that sentence months ago when I started the Style Setter blog, and I truly believe in every word of it.

The reason I chose "interpreting the trends" is because I don't think that just because you're "trendy" means you have great style. If you're pulling clothes off the "latest" rack and slapping them on your body, it doesn't mean you've got great style-it means you don't know what your style is.

We live in a very exciting time when it comes to fashion. Because those days where the rules were hard and fast about wearing white after Labor Day are gone. With the rise of social media and the ability to post your #ootd (outfit of the day) for one hundred gazillion people to see has made it so that it's now all about how YOU wear it.

There aren't fashion "rules" any more. Only guidelines. So the only reason you shouldn't be wearing white after Labor Day is because the pants are made out of linen and it's too cool outside to be in summery-linen pants. That's it.

This weeks nails by the way, are my favorite color from the summer (don't look back at last weeks #thisweeksnails because I think you'll read the same sentence about that color, ha!).

I purposefully painted them this white as a statement to say: It's after Labor Day, my nails are white and I ain't looking back.

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