Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Moment of Stress Relief

I truly hope that what you're about to read does for you what the product I'm writing about, does for me.
stress relief
I like to use the middle of the week for product reviews. Because by the time Tuesday or Wednesday rolls around, we're all typically wrapped up in our routine and need a little jolt of fun (althought I'll have to really deliver on that even when the product is bad...hmm).

This little luxury is exactly a jolt of fun. It's Bath and Body's Aromatherapy Shower Gel in Stress Relief, which is a beautiful blend of eucalypits and spearmint. It's just enough scent to wake you up for a minute then lull you into a "ah this smells so good" type of trance. 

I love having these little luxuries in the shower because it's during a time when you literally can do nothing else but pamper yourself (try doing paperwork in their and you'll quickly realize how right I am).

What makes it extra special is layering up with a scented moisturizer afterwards. It just feels so good to have multi layers of good smells on your body.

This little moment of taking time out for yourself is done, but it can continue with a well scented shower gel. Go get yours and start your relaxation time today :) ...Truly I need to get into commercial writing.

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