Friday, August 16, 2013

Spiff Splash

What do you say when someone asks you how your week was?

Do you give them the quick and courteous, "Great. How was yours?" Or do you stop and think about it, with a quick mental montage of your Sunday through Friday?

If it's someone I know is truly asking because they care about me, I'll go through the montage and surmise from there. So hold on...

My week was busy but filled with enough fun moments to make it a good one. :)

Here now is a visual reflection of my week, including what I had on my nails, what I did with my time, and what I'll be doing over the weekend. Happy Friday!

1. This Weeks Nails
I knew I wanted something dark, yet still playful. Good thing I have OPI's liquid sand in this "Can't Let Go" purple. You know my feelings on purple-it's just playful enough, and the liquid sand with its muted sparkles and interesting texture give your nails that extra bit of edge. Try it if you haven't!

2. Segment
Watch with a pad and pencil because you're going to want to make your wish list after seeing these gorgeous bags for fall!

3. Style Setter
My newest Style Setter blog is up and is all about what J. Crew can do for you! For example, did you know they offer a personal stylist service...for free!! See all the great options they have to offer, and hear from the stylists themselves here!

4. Fashion Show This Saturday
There's rain in the forecast this weekend (Whaaa Whaaaaa) so forget the Project Runway reruns and get yourself over to West Town Mall at 2pm for a live Back to School Fashion Show! It's going to be so much fun and inspirational no matter what stage of school you're in!

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